The Dog Incident

            INT. MONK'S DINER - DAY

JERRY, ELAINE, and GEORGE sit in their usual booth.

JERRY: I'm telling you, this dog thing is out of control.

GEORGE: Dogs are a menace. Remember that time when one stole my wallet?

ELAINE: That never happened.

GEORGE: Oh, right... But it could have!

ELAINE: I think dogs are great. They're loyal, they're cuddly, and they're so cute when they wag their little tails!

GEORGE: I just don't get it. Why would anyone willingly choose to be around an animal that leaves its droppings everywhere?

JERRY: Oh, speaking of droppings, guess what Newman got caught doing?


JERRY: Oh, yes. He's been stealing dog poop bags from the park.

ELAINE: (disgusted) How revolting!

JERRY: He claims it's some sort of bargaining chip with the other mail carriers.

GEORGE: (incredulous) What kind of sick mind could come up with that?



JERRY and GEORGE enter the apartment. They find NEWMAN sitting on the couch, watching TV.

JERRY: (sarcastically) Well, look who's here! The king of poop himself.

NEWMAN: (smirking) Funny, Jerry. Hysterical.

GEORGE: So, what's with the poop bag theft, Newman? You planning to start a doggie daycare or something?

NEWMAN: If you must know, it's all part of my elaborate plan to gain leverage within the postal service.

JERRY: (deadpan) And they say the USPS is dying out.



KRAMER busts through the door, visibly upset.

KRAMER: (frantic) Jerry! You have to help me! I'm in big trouble!

JERRY: What did you do now?

KRAMER: I accidentally took a dog!

ELAINE: (shocked) You stole a dog?

KRAMER: No, no, not like that. I was in the park trying out these new golf clubs that Bob Sacamano found in the trash, and there was this dog tied to a tree, and...

JERRY: Kramer, please tell me you didn't take someone's dog.

KRAMER: I thought it was abandoned! You know me, Jerry, I can't stand to see a creature in need. Can you imagine what would have happened if I left him there?

GEORGE: (sarcastic) Well, perhaps the owner would have returned and found their dog.



KRAMER has brought the stolen dog into Jerry's apartment.

JERRY: This is a disaster.

GEORGE: You're harboring a fugitive, Jerry. A canine outlaw!

ELAINE: (to the dog) Oh, you poor little thing.

JERRY: We have to find this dog's owner before the police come looking for him. Kramer, you realize what you've done?

KRAMER: (hesitant) Yeah... I didn't know what else to do.



The gang plots their next move.

JERRY: I cannot believe we're involved in a dog-napping.

ELAINE: (teasingly) Who knows, maybe it'll grow on you, Jerry.

GEORGE: Well, I know what I'm not letting it grow on me - whatever fleas that thing might be carrying.

KRAMER: (determined) We'll find the owner, guys. I promise.



The door bursts open, and the OWNER of the dog enters, furious.

OWNER: (angry) That's my dog! I want my dog back!

JERRY: (panicked) We didn't steal him!

OWNER: I'll see you all in court!


The Gluten Outrage

            INT. MONK’S CAFÉ - DAY

Jerry, George, and Elaine sit in their usual booth.

JERRY: ...And that's why I don't eat bagels anymore.

ELAINE: How can you live without bagels? Just go gluten-free.

GEORGE: Gluten-free? What's the point of living if you can't indulge in gluten?

ELAINE: Well, personally, I think gluten-free bread tastes exactly the same.

JERRY: I will not disgrace the bread community by consuming gluten-free imitations.


Jerry and George watch TV. Kramer bursts into the apartment.

KRAMER: You won't believe this! I just met the guy who invented gluten-free bread.

GEORGE: The gluten-free guy? You mean the one who ruined bread?

KRAMER: Turns out, he lives in our building. He invited me to a gluten-free bread tasting tonight.

JERRY: Well, you can count us out. I'm not feeding that kind of freakish impostor.

KRAMER: (excited) More gluten-free goodies for me!


Jerry is reading. George walks in.

GEORGE: Jerry, you still haven't gotten rid of all your gluten-containing food? After Elaine’s rant, everyone is in a frenzy. They're stocking up on gluten-free products before everything runs out.

Jerry looks doubtful but opens his cereal cabinet.


Elaine talks with Jerry and George, all with gluten-free meals.

ELAINE: And it looks like that guy, what's his name? Peterman? Well, he's about to turn the catalog completely gluten-free. Can you imagine?

GEORGE: How did this whole gluten-free craze even start?

JERRY: Because some genius decided that gluten was the devil's food, and now people are climbing atop each other to get the last gluten-free bagel.


Kramer, on a gluten-free high, tries to convince Jerry to try it.

KRAMER: I'm feeling lighter, Jerry! Gluten-free bread has changed my life!

JERRY: Congratulations, Kramer. You've lost your mind.


The Unplugged Dilemma


JERRY is in the kitchen pouring himself a cup of coffee, while GEORGE stares at the disconnected cable box.

GEORGE: You mean to tell me you voluntarily got rid of your cable?

JERRY: Yeah, I decided to go streaming only. It's the future, George.

GEORGE: The future? Jerry, this is a disaster! What am I supposed to do here without cable?!

JERRY: Watch something on my streaming devices? 

ELAINE enters the apartment, carrying a stack of CDs.

ELAINE: Hey, you guys! I found this old CD store going out of business. I got all these for like ten bucks.

GEORGE: (mockingly) Wow, CDs! Aren't you just so cutting edge, Elaine? (waves his hand) Poof! The nineties called, they want their CD back.

ELAINE: Oh please, Mr. Cable Lover. So you got rid of cable, huh Jerry? I'm surprised you didn't do it sooner.

JERRY: I had to adapt. But I can't help but feel a little disconnected.

ELAINE: Yeah, disconnected from all those commercials.

While they speak, KRAMER barges in as usual, looking frantic.

KRAMER: Jerry, I need your cable. It's an emergency!

JERRY: Sorry, Kramer. No more cable here.

KRAMER: What?! No cable?! This can't be happening! The finale of my favorite telenovela is tonight!

GEORGE: (laughs) Welcome to the land of the disconnected!

KRAMER: I can't miss it, Jerry! It's the wedding of Consuela and Alejandro!

JERRY: What, are they charging by the accent now? 

KRAMER: I'm serious, Jerry! I can't live without my telenovelas!

ELAINE: Wait, so you watch telenovelas now? Seriously?

KRAMER: Si, Elaine, mi corazón. (points at himself) They speak to me!

GEORGE: (tries streaming) There's got to be a way to find Kramer's telenovela online.

ELAINE: Yeah, but where would you even start?

JERRY: I don't know. I've never tried finding a single show. It's all been binge-watching marathons and obscure documentaries so far.

KRAMER: What about Newman? He still has cable, right?

GEORGE: Are you really that desperate?

KRAMER: Yes, I am that desperate! These telenovelas have consumed me, Jerry!

ELAINE: Well, good luck with that. Let us know how the wedding goes.



ELAINE, GEORGE, and JERRY watch clips on the streaming platform, while KRAMER panics about missing the telenovela.

KRAMER: (on the phone with NEWMAN) Newman, I need your TV, buddy! This is a matter of life and heartbreak!

NEWMAN: (voice, smug) Sorry, Kramer. I'd love to help, but I'm not home tonight. Besides, you should have thought about that before siding with Jerry and his streaming revolution.

KRAMER: Curse you, Newman! You're missing out on the glorious culmination of Consuela and Alejandro's undying love!

NEWMAN: (laughs) Enjoy your disconnection, Kramer. (hangs up)

KRAMER: (hangs up and yells towards the sky) NEWMAN!

GEORGE: (finding joy in Kramer's anguish) Well, it looks like it's the end of the world for you, Kramer.

KRAMER: I will find a way to watch this finale. Whatever it takes!


The Sleeper Hit

            INT. MONK'S CAFE - DAY

Jerry and George are sitting in their usual booth, sipping coffee. Elaine enters, looking exhausted and yawning.

Ugh, I had the worst night's sleep ever.

What happened? Sounds bad.

I watched this new thriller on TV, and it was so intense I couldn't sleep.

You know, movies and TV shows really shouldn't be that addictive. It's not healthy.

George, you're the one who once spent an entire weekend binging on that sci-fi series.

(struggling to find an excuse)
That was different! It was... uh... raining! Yeah, that's it!

Kramer bursts into the diner, excited and jumpy.

Guys, guys! You're not gonna believe this! I just had the most amazing idea!

Let me guess, a toaster that also warms your socks?

No, no. A movie theater where you can sleep!

What do you mean, sleep?

You know! People get tired during those late-night shows, and they just want to catch a few Z's. Why not let them sleep in comfortable chairs and take a little nap?

Oh sure, because when I go to a movie theater, the first thing I want to do is... go to sleep.

(mocking Jerry)
Well, I don't see you coming up with any ideas!

(looking at Elaine)
Speaking of sleep, Elaine here couldn't get any last night after watching a TV show.

(to Elaine)
You need to try my new approach! Meditation followed by aromatherapy.

Elaine rolls her eyes in disbelief.

I think I'll pass, Kramer. But thanks.



Jerry and George are sitting on the couch, flipping through TV channels.

All these channels, and nothing is on!

(offering a suggestion)
Maybe you should try that meditation and aromatherapy thing Kramer was talking about.

George glares at Jerry for his sarcastic remark. Kramer enters the apartment, holding movie theater-style chairs.

(startled by their reaction)
Hey, what do you guys think of these chairs? I just picked them up for my movie theater!

Kramer, nobody wants to sleep in a movie theater! It's a ridiculous idea!

Well, I bet if you tried it, you'd change your tune, buddy!


The Tagalong


JERRY is standing in the kitchen picking out cereal, while KRAMER bursts in through the door.

KRAMER: Hey, buddy!

JERRY: Kramer, how many times do I have to ask you to knock before coming in?

KRAMER: Jerry, you say it, but you don't mean it!

JERRY: Well, I mean it this time. Knock, door, enter, please.

KRAMER: Alright, alright. So, what's the plan for tonight?

JERRY: Elaine wanted us to go to that new art exhibit downtown. You know, the guy who sticks candy to canvas?

KRAMER: I love that guy! So, we're all going?

JERRY: Yes, we're all going. Including George.

GEORGE enters the apartment in a huff.

GEORGE: I can't believe you guys roped me into going! Candy art? Are we children?

ELAINE enters the apartment.

ELAINE: Great, we're all here! Let's get going.


The gang walks down the street toward the art exhibit. They notice NEWMAN following them at a distance.

JERRY: Is it just me, or is Newman following us?

GEORGE: Yeah, he's definitely tailing us.

ELAINE: Should we say something?

JERRY: Absolutely not. That's what he'll expect us to do.

KRAMER: Well, if he wants to tag along, let him.

At the art exhibit, the group stands in front of a large canvas covered in colorful candies. NEWMAN continues to linger behind them.

ELAINE: This is amazing!

JERRY: I don't see the appeal. It's just candy glued to a canvas.

KRAMER: You don't understand art, Jerry.

GEORGE: I'm with Jerry on this one. This is ridiculous.

JERRY: Anyway, we should probably leave. We have dinner reservations tonight, and I don't want to miss them because of this candy nonsense.

ELAINE: Fine, we can go.

They leave the exhibit, and NEWMAN, with a smug grin, continues to follow them. The group becomes increasingly annoyed.

GEORGE: That's it! I'm going to confront him.

JERRY: No, George, just let it go.

ELAINE: Yeah, maybe he'll get bored and leave us alone.

But as they arrive at the restaurant, NEWMAN is still tagging along.


The Incorrect Order

            INT. MONK'S CAFÉ - DAY

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are sitting in their usual booth.

JERRY: So, what you're saying is, I should be thanking the person who made my sandwich wrong?

ELAINE: Exactly! They accidentally put avocado in your turkey sandwich, and now you love it. It's a happy accident.

GEORGE: (Scoffs) I got a pastrami on rye with mustard yesterday. They gave me a pastrami with mayo. There's nothing happy about that. It's a crime against humanity.

KRAMER: You know, I have this theory that our life events are like cooking. Sometimes we make mistakes, and that leads to a new discovery, a better recipe.

Jerry rolls his eyes.

JERRY: If my life were a recipe, it would be a disaster. Inedible.

Elaine's phone vibrates. She checks it and smiles.

ELAINE: I got a job offer to write for The New Yorker!

Everyone congratulates and cheers for her.

GEORGE: That's amazing! You'll be the talk of the town. You know what this calls for? A celebration dinner.

JERRY: Agreed, but let's not try any new restaurants. I'd rather not let chance decide my culinary experience tonight.

KRAMER: Aren't you being a little superstitious?

JERRY: I've had enough surprises for today, thank you very much.



Jerry's cleaning up after dinner. Elaine, George, and Kramer are lounging around.

GEORGE: I never thought I'd say this, but that new Thai place was great!

ELAINE: And you were against trying it. See, Jerry, not all surprises are bad.

Jerry reluctantly agrees. As they continue talking, Kramer notices something on the floor.

KRAMER: (Picking up an envelope) Hey, who's this from?

JERRY: (Uninterested) Probably junk.

KRAMER: No, no, it's from the Department of Health.

Jerry's eyes widen, and he grabs the envelope.

JERRY: (Reading) It says that the restaurant we just ate at was shut down due to a health violation.

ELAINE: Oh no...

GEORGE: (Panicking) We're all gonna get sick! We're doomed!

KRAMER: I think this could be an opportunity in disguise.

JERRY: Kramer, not everything is a hidden blessing. Sometimes bad things just happen.

Suddenly, everyone's phones start buzzing with news notifications.

ELAINE: The New Yorker just went bankrupt?!



Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are back in their booth.

GEORGE: So, Elaine loses a job, and we all get food poisoning. You call that a better recipe, Kramer?

KRAMER: Well... it's all about trial and error.

JERRY: Here's an error for you. Next time I get a letter, I'll actually open it and read it.


The Lost Keys

            INT. MONKS CAFE - DAY

JERRY, GEORGE, ELAINE, and KRAMER are all sitting in their usual booth, each looking particularly annoyed.

JERRY: (frustrated) I just can't find my keys! I've looked everywhere.

ELAINE: You seriously still haven't found them?

GEORGE: (sarcastic) Maybe they just up and decided to leave, like a vacation. Every key deserves a vacation, right?

KRAMER: That's it! Jerry, every so often, your keys need some time away. A retreat of sorts.

JERRY: Oh, sure. I'll just tell them to send me a postcard while they're off frolicking in the sun.

ELAINE: (smirking) 'Wish you were here!' they'll say.

GEORGE: (mimicking a key) 'Having a great time on the beaches of Key West!'

Everyone laughs, albeit half-heartedly.

JERRY: Seriously, though, I have no idea where they are. It's driving me crazy.

KRAMER: (thinking) You know, I've got a guy. Specializes in lost items, maybe he could help you.

ELAINE: (skeptical) A 'lost item' guy? Why do you always have a guy for everything?

KRAMER: I'm a man of many acquaintances.


Jerry, George, and Kramer are inside Jerry's disheveled apartment. It's clear that Jerry has been tearing the place apart in search of his keys.

JERRY: I mean, I've searched everywhere! Maybe they just vanished into thin air.

GEORGE: (mocking) Yes, Jerry. Your keys magically disappeared. Maybe we should call David Copperfield.

KRAMER: Speaking of magic, I called my lost item guy. He'll be coming over soon, says he's got a 'sixth sense' for this stuff.

ELAINE enters Jerry's apartment, looking disheveled.

ELAINE: I had to climb in through the fire escape. What's going on in here?

JERRY: (still frustrated) Still searching for my keys!

The door buzzer sounds, and Jerry answers it.

JERRY: (into the intercom) Yeah?

KRAMER'S GUY: (through the intercom) It's me, Kramer's lost item guy. I'm here to find your keys.

JERRY: (eye roll) C'mon up.

KRAMER'S GUY, a man in his late thirties with glasses and a vaguely strange aura, enters the apartment. He moves like a surgeon - precise, but with a touch of eccentricity.

KRAMER'S GUY: I sense a lot of tension in this room. We must all relax and let my senses do their job.

The gang exchange looks.


The Seat Snatcher

            INT. MONK'S CAFE - DAY

(Jerry and George are sitting in their usual booth, eating breakfast)

JERRY: I gotta say, George, these new omelettes they've got here are fantastic.

GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, I got the Denver Omelette. It's quite a world tour.

(Jerry raises an eyebrow)

JERRY: That's your idea of a world tour, huh? Denver?

GEORGE: You know me, Jerry. I'm a man of simple pleasures.

(Kramer bursts into the cafe and heads straight to the booth)

KRAMER: Jerry, you're not gonna believe what just happened to me out there!

(Jerry and George roll their eyes)

JERRY: What is it this time, Kramer?

(Kramer slides into the booth next to George)

KRAMER: I've been seat snatched!

GEORGE: Seat snatched? What are you talking about?

KRAMER: You know, when you place a personal item on a seat in a public place to claim it, then you walk away for a minute, and when you come back – The seat is taken!

JERRY: (smirking) Of all the injustices in the world...

KRAMER: (animated) I'm telling you, Jerry, it's an epidemic! We've become a society of seat-snatchers, preying on the innocent and the trusting!

GEORGE: (groaning) Next you're gonna start a support group for victims of seat snatchers.

KRAMER: (pauses) No... But I think I might have an invention that will put those opportunists out of business!

(Elaine enters the cafe, looking irritated)

ELAINE: You guys are not gonna believe what just happened to me on the bus.

JERRY: Let me guess. Seat snatched?

ELAINE: (confused) How did you know?!

KRAMER: (excited) See! I told you!

GEORGE: (to Elaine) So, what are you gonna do about it?

ELAINE: Well... I didn't tell you this part, but I wrote a nasty note and stuck it under their windshield wiper.

JERRY: (laughing) That'll show 'em.

GEORGE: (sarcastic) Yeah, I'm sure they'll be feeling the weight of their actions now.

KRAMER: (serious) But really, this is what I'm talking about, Jerry! We need something to stop these seat-snatchers, and I think I have the perfect idea!

JERRY: (smiling) Alright, let's hear it.

KRAMER: (enunciating) The seat dummy. It's a collapsible human figure that you can place on your seat, keeping it occupied and stopping any seat-snatchers in their tracks!

(Jerry, Elaine, and George exchange doubtful glances)

ELAINE: (skeptical) And you think people will actually buy these?

KRAMER: (confident) Oh, I think we'll sell millions.


The Mystery Food

            INT. MONK'S CAFE - DAY

Jerry, George, and Elaine are sitting in their usual booth. A WAITRESS places a bowl of fruit on their table. 

JERRY: Well, look at that, a complimentary fruit bowl. Did we suddenly become VIPs in this place?

GEORGE: Well, they do say fruit is nature's candy.

ELAINE: (picks up a piece of fruit) What's this?

JERRY: (squinting at the fruit) It's... uh, an apple?

ELAINE: No, it's not an apple.

GEORGE: (pondering) It's a cross between a plum and an apple.

ELAINE: (laughs) A plumple!

JERRY: (intrigued) A plumple you say? Can we call a copyright on that?


Kramer enters, sees the fruit on the kitchen counter, and picks it up.

KRAMER: Hey, what's this?

JERRY: It's a plumple.

KRAMER: A what now?

ELAINE: (chuckles) A plumple. George came up with it, it's a cross between a plum and an apple, and it's going to be *our* thing.


George is walking by, spots a PLUMPLE STREET VENDOR selling packaged fruit.

GEORGE: (upset) Hey! That's *our* thing!


Jerry, George, and Elaine are sitting in their booth, discussing the competition.

ELAINE: Well, how can we stop them?

GEORGE: (fuming) What if we claim our idea was stolen?

JERRY: (unconvinced) No one stole anything, George. We just named it. You cannot patent a naturally occurring fruit.

KRAMER: (walks up to the table) What if I told you I found a way to create our own hybrid fruit? A mix between an orange and a kiwi!

ELAINE: Oh, we're getting into uncharted territory now...

GEORGE: (excited) An 'Orwi'?

JERRY: (laughs) I like it, but who knows what kind of chaos that could create!



The Blame Game

            INT. MONK'S CAFE - DAY

Jerry, George, and Elaine are sitting at their usual booth, each one of them with a cup of coffee.

JERRY: I don't understand why they switched the trivia night to Wednesdays. It's just throwing off my whole week.

ELAINE: Well, that's because people are more likely to go out on Wednesdays. You know, getting over the hump or something.

GEORGE: That's ridiculous. What's wrong with Thursdays?

JERRY: Yeah, I was just getting used to my Thursdays being trivia days. My week was centered around it!

ELAINE: I'm just saying, statistically speaking, it makes sense.

Kramer bursts into the cafe, visibly excited about something.

KRAMER: You guys! You won't believe what just happened to me!

GEORGE: (sarcastically) Did you just discover the meaning of life?

KRAMER: (ignoring George) I just won a year's supply of hot dogs!

JERRY: A year's supply? Just how many hot dogs is that?

KRAMER: Turns out, it's only 365 hot dogs. Apparently, they think a hot dog a day is enough for one person.

ELAINE: (grimacing) I think even one a day is too many.

KRAMER: (defensive) Hey, it's free food!


George sits on the couch, going through his wallet as Jerry watches in annoyance.

GEORGE: I can't find my new ATM card. I think I left it at the ATM!

JERRY: How could you just leave it at the ATM? Don't you need it to get your money out?

GEORGE: (embarrassed) I got distracted. There was this guy behind me, whistling. It was so annoying, I just had to get out of there.

JERRY: So, you're telling me, you left your ATM card in the machine because you couldn't handle some whistling?

GEORGE: (defensive) It was really loud, Jer. Almost like he was doing it on purpose.

Jerry's buzzer goes off, and he buzzes Elaine in.

ELAINE: (entering the apartment) Guys, I just spoke to Brenda, remember her? The one who works at the trivia company? She said there's a reason they switched the trivia nights.

GEORGE: (eager) What's the reason?

ELAINE: Well, she wouldn't tell me, but she said it has to do with someone we know.

JERRY: Someone we know?

GEORGE: Oh, come on! Who could be so important that they could change the whole trivia night schedule?

The three of the main characters ponder this as Kramer enters Jerry's apartment munching on hot dog number 14.

KRAMER: (thru a mouthful of hotdog) Did somebody say trivia night?


The Lucky Sock


Jerry is by the kitchen counter, filling a glass with water. George enters, clearly agitated.

JERRY: Hey George, what's the matter? You look like you just saw a ghost.

GEORGE: (nervously) You're not gonna believe this, Jerry... I found something - this can't be a coincidence...

JERRY: (sarcastic) Did you find another half-eaten sandwich? Because that's not news.

GEORGE: (ignoring him) My lucky sock! You remember, right? The one I thought I lost?

JERRY: The one that helped you win poker games and get that job interview? The one that singlehandedly made you a 'somebody'?

GEORGE: (frustrated) Yes, yes, that's the one! And I just found it at the back of my closet!

Jerry takes a sip of water.

JERRY: So, what's the problem?

GEORGE: Inexplicable things are happening, Jerry. It can't just be a coincidence.

Kramer bursts into the apartment, disheveled and frantic.

KRAMER: (rushing towards George) YOU! You're the one causing all the bad luck around here!

GEORGE: (defensive) What? How am I the one...

KRAMER: Haven't you heard? Everyone's down on their luck, George. Down on their luck! And it all started when your lucky sock went missing.

JERRY: (laughing) Kramer, you really think George's sock had anything to do with people's luck?

KRAMER: (serious) Jerry, man, I've seen some stuff. Just today, Newman tripped and fell face-first into a pile of garbage.

GEORGE: (scared) Wait, that was just when I found the sock...

JERRY: (rolls eyes) Oh, come on, you guys can't be serious.

Elaine enters, visibly upset.

ELAINE: I can't believe this! I just found out I didn't win the writing contest I entered!

GEORGE: (panicking) See, Jerry? It's the sock!

Kramer makes his screechy 'hoo hoo' noise.

KRAMER: I'm telling ya!

JERRY: (exasperated) Alright, fine. I'll bite. What do you all suggest we do with the so-called 'lucky sock'?

GEORGE: We need to get rid of it, Jerry. It's too much power for one man to wield.

KRAMER: (nodding vigorously) Out the window, right now! Send it back to the cosmic forces!

JERRY: (skeptical) George, it's just an old sock. But if it'll calm your nerves, go throw it out.

George hesitates, looking at the sock, and then reluctantly throws it out the window.



The sock lands on a gentleman's head, and he looks at it confused. Suddenly, he bumps into a beautiful woman who's picking up her dropped groceries.

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN: (smiling) Hey, you're George Costanza, right? I've been looking for you.

He smiles back sheepishly, in a twist of fate.



George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine are now near the window, looking down at the scene below.

GEORGE: (in disbelief) You see that, Jerry? The sock! My luck is transferring!

JERRY: (relenting) Well, George, maybe there's more to this sock than meets the eye.

KRAMER: (nodding) Told ya, buddy.